and rise my child. receive the sign. next.
reach out a cross and lift. down.
lift. down. ready mantra go.
to the music now. one god three god
try me god try you neither -- flex these vows.
honour thy tithe that it may be
well with thee.

ave maris stella dei mater alma.
i'm a soul shepherd extending my flock. i'll
sling your babies show-timed high
to rhythmic copacetic chimes. this is the
church this is the steeple. i'll
hand you your god and fool all the people.

at que semper virgo dance puppet dance.
pray now -- close your eyes
'cause i work nine to five ya know?
i pull heartstrings break goal offerings
while you dance puppet dance. thou shalt
have no other gods before me.
before me amen.

thou shalt not lie.
thou shalt not lie with.
thou shalt not lie with me.
thou shalt not commit adultery.

i sold you your god.
i'll sell you your car.