chemistry x geometry = you + me

i am a triangle. me and me and me
took a poll this morning -- tried to
agree on who is obtuse who is acute and
who is right. i am. a fulcrum found
beneath all that teeter-totter mish-mash.
i want to settle in balance but upside-down me
yields to whimsical tenets -- oddly opposite but
connected we three.

he is a circle. o, he thinks i fit so perfectly
into his wholly self -- his fond arms around
all-angled me. he is. a tire that rolls
sync-smooth but triangle me lies ever so tangent --
gotta have radial symmetry. patient -- he triumphs some --
but i wanna get around.

if i could cut across his middle --
leaving room for me me and me on
all my sides where we don't fight and
equal i -- congruency -- enfold all
trust to diametrical he...i think
i'd have to force us into wound-weakened
foreign area -- i fear a noose if i
mettle in we. i'm the girl out in
trifle town afraid it'll all crash.

if it were just you me and chemistry
we'd metamorph and correspond.
but we're just trite realms in geometry. so --

say -- ya know any single squares
lookin' for a diagonal?
i've got a free side.