bugle (call) girl

rings. i want real roses. silver heels.
tap taps -- legs march -- steps stepped home.
hips swish -- unprivate shimmy -- little girl squeals.
composes. arms support. elbows form blithe
love triangles. shoulders square. chokered neck
painted face fake fake hairish stuff.
position. set. play.

C-E-G-C. i want fingers for my rings.
i like F. once i had them but i lost my lips.
i'm bereft bereft. i like lips. they part they
close they shape 3-D. i go half-lipped. snip.

i lost F. i lost C-E-G-C. i fake it.
i want music. strike my notes -- resemble F but
fall half-assed on E i dote. half of me.

i want him to wake before i leave. maybe he will
write or play or make his sound. he neither wore
nor offered rings. he is many. i lack lips with
which they taunt. but do not use. i want back
my trumpet. whole my notes.

back i want rings.

hli (9/19/94)