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Friday, August 01, 2003

Okay, I'll Do the Friday Five

These seem easy enough (from http://www.fridayfive.org)

1. What time do you wake up weekday mornings
On disciplined days, 5. Other, not-so-disciplined days, 6.

2. Do you sleep in on the weekends? How late?
Everything's relative. Yes, I do. I'm usually up between 6 and 8 on weekends, depending on planned morning activities (the bike).

3. Aside from waking up, what is the first thing you do in the morning.

4. How long does it take to get ready for your day?
Counting personal hygiene, about 45 minutes. Adding in food preparation for the day, an hour total.

5. When possible, what is your favorite place to go for breakfast?
I don't like to "go" anywhere for breakfast. I eat the same thing 29 out of 30 days in a month - 1 cup of Kashi, .38 - .5 oz dates, about 10 almonds, and a cup or so of fresh fruit on top of the concoction. Mmmm.

See, I'm dull.



Overlawyered mentions today a woman and her husband who are SUING the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp for failing to exclude her from casinos.

Uh...(full story)

There we go again "social responsibility" versus "personal responsibility." Someone cue the music.




Thursday, July 31, 2003

New to the "Blogroll"

Wow - no creative spirit. Sorry. I'll take a few minutes to point out the new blogs on my left-hand panel and then likely call it a night. My PETA link doesn't seem to want to give me the story I'm so desperately craving.

My most recent add is The Spoons Experience. I've been following this blog intermittently for a couple of weeks, sometimes even commenting, and, well, it's just time to give it some permanence.

Prior to that, I found Master of None, although I don't remember how. I read it, liked it, linked to it, and, amazingly, it linked back. Nice! Share the hits!

Earlier still, The Meatriarchy found one of my esteemed spouse's posts, and I sent a self plug and somehow got us both blogrolled. Nice, eh? She shoots; she scores.

Adam (in the spirit of Ogden Nash's poem, Fleas) is my former roommate (Amanda to my grandmother). Gotta link to Adam. He and his wife are also kind enough to let me crash at their home for the evenings before and during the MS 150.

Advanced Combo Tricks, Jen's History and Stuff, and Mike Courtney are all bloggers I found from IMAO. I have a boatload of other blogs to review from the same posting, but it's not going anywhere; I'm just awaiting the time to do the research/reading.

And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. My list of blogs is young and fresh. Many thanks to the few of you who've added me to yours. (I now have greater than three readers (so proud, so proud)).

Good night.



Wednesday, July 30, 2003

What's in a Name?

Ask the man formerly named Prince. Ask anyone named Spike. And I'd suggest you not use Cher and Madonna - precautionary.

But Tony Twist?

Okay, it's illiterative. But, that alone and its use in a bad light in a comic book shouldn't make it worth TWENTY-FOUR MILLION DOLLARS, should it? The judge in the lawsuit(0) didn't think so, either. I mean, that's a lotta Macaroni and Cheese!

But, now that the lawsuit is not centered in Twist's beloved St. Louis, where he crashes his motorcyle and supports the Gateway Locomotives, perhaps the thing will go from ridiculous to merely a short post on Overlawyered.com


So, Do You Feel Better Now, Donna?

Because there you are - top story of CNN, with your <ad hominem>porcine face</ad hominem> and its dim-witted blank sneer (yes, it's possible).

Fame, there it is. Deception. Pain.

Rachel Lucas has already addressed this, so she can do the talking.

I'll do the sentencing. Circle 8, Bolgia 10. You're pretty far down, Donna. Let me give you a quote.

    Polyxena with her there witnessing,
    Saw her Polydorus washed ashore: the weight
    of sorrow drove her mad, her soul so wrung

    She began barking like a dog. And yet,
    No fury of Thebes or Troy was ever seen
    So cruel - not any rending of beasts, and not

    Tearing of human limbs, as I saw shown
    By two pale, naked shades who now ran up
    Biting, the way a pig does loosed from his pen.
How unpleasant.


Beware of Salmon?

This is enough of a warning for me to add salmon to the "limit consumption" list until otherwise tested. (Don't see too much wild salmon in the grocery).


(Registration required to view article)



Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Morning Search Engine Revelation

Wow, I'm the number 2 hit for "hot chicks on bicycles" according to Yahoo.

I hope the person wasn't disappointed; probably was. I'm clothed.

Here's #1.

I probably fared pretty well alongside that.

ADDENDUM: Oops, I didn't notice that "41 - 60" - someone must've done some digging. Perhaps I was a more appropriate 42.



Monday, July 28, 2003

Common Sense Prevails

Although this issue hits me right between the rational and the emotional (and a catfight ensues and I get nasty), sanity prevailed today in Louisiana. (And the rational won this round, brusing and cutting emotional, which feels the need to strike back for a few paragraphs.)

Give the smokers nothing, please; they made their choice. It was (and continues to be with each cigarette) a stupid one, but consequences arise from all choices, and this consequence brings some nasty health implications (wheeze a bit to the music, now, smokers) and conscious gouge in the pocketbook.

So you people get no money, no monitoring. Nada. None. Suffer. Learn to spell emphysema.

That's what you chose. So chosen.

There. Balance.



Sunday, July 27, 2003

Ellen Goodman, Come on Down

When Brian mentioned this article while I was cooking dinner, I was so certain it would require a rant. As it stands, it just deserves three direct points I must make.

1. Goodman states thus:

In regard to obesity and personal responsibility, midway through the article...
    At the same time, we have learned something from the campaigns against smoking. Personal responsibility is not a free pass for corporate irresponsibility. It's easier to just say no when you aren't being manipulated and marketed to say yes. Willpower is influenced by price, by advertising and even by lawsuits.
Manipulated and marketed to say yes? How far can I spit, please. You take away my personal responsibility and give it to my oppressor, then you take away my ACCOMPLISHMENT for resisting/circumventing/overcoming/vanquishing/annhilating said "oppressor." Away with ye; your argument is weak and intolerable.

2. Regarding the same quote...

"It's easier to just say no when you aren't being manipulated and marketed to say yes." What is this? It sounds like a nice excuse for ANYTHING. Oh, sorry, Bob, Josie cheated on you because that other guy's MARKETING was just AMAZING. Doesn't that just sound like a lovely, justifiable, unmistakeably AMERICAN weak-ass cop-out? Better luck next time.

3. Wrapping up the fallacy...

    But it's likely to be a long haul to get smaller portions in fast-food restaurants and to slim down advertising to kids. Food is one part of a complex obesity problem that includes Game Boys instead of ball games, and TV instead of track and field. Moreover, it's still tricky to attack fat as a health issue without attacking fat people, and we've had a big enough portion of that, thank you.
Dropping portions? First, I'm tired of everyone blaming fast food. Full-blown restaurants are just as much "to blame" as any other. But, thankfully, I am glad. I know enough to make my meal into two (at least) if it's large. I like the "value" I receive in this. Please don't cut my portions; I can do that on my own. If you cut my portions, I'm certain the price won't drop. We've been here. This argument's old forgotten remoldy cheese, so I'll stop now.

Thanks for your time. Eat well.


And for the THIRD Time, now, Blogger. Don't Eat this Post. 88.8 Mile Weekend

No, really, I have written this THREE times. It's short, so I've not had the foresight to, you know, save it in another window, but you'd best believe I'll do that now.

And on to the topic.

Yesterday, I put in 32.5 miles on the bike - a nice ride by myself in some good weather. I had to cut it a bit short because of a scheduled family reunion in the afternoon.

Today, Hans and I rode 46 miles together (roughly, that's from my house to Illinois and back), and then we went our separate ways. I'd imagine he logged another ten to twenty more. I returned home, ate, rewatered, put sunscreen on my face, and went to a bike trail to finish out my riding day with another 10 miles.

So, that's a total of 88.8 (it was 56.2 or something - guess 56.3 for today) for the weekend. And while that's not 150, it's not bad.

The good news? I could've done 20 more pretty easily if need be. Tired quads, slightly sore shoulders, but everything was functional. Yahoo.

A note to the idiot on Creve Couer Park trail: please leash your dogs. I'm sure they're perfectly well behaved, but, you're not the only guy on the trail, and you and the dogs don't get to cover all inches of the two lanes on the trail. Sorry. I'll swerve to avoid a dog, possibly even wipe out. You'd not be as lucky, you jerk.