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Sunday, October 26, 2003

New Blog Showcase

Another week, more blogs. This week, I'd like to vote for Demosophia's long Totalitarianism post. Also, Sebastian Holsclaw talks abortion.



Sunday, October 19, 2003

New Blog Showcase

Yes, another week has passed. Yes, this has to go on both blogs in order to be counted.


1) This post from She Who Must Be Obeyed is wonderful. Beth's style reminds me of Big Arm Woman.

2) Vox Popoli appealed to my geek sense.

Quite a few good ones this week; getting harder to pick.

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

New Blog Showcase

Got three this week (posting here because the Bear hasn't picked up http://angelweave.mu.nu yet.)

I very much enjoyed the vivid writing of I Love This State from the blog Ain't Done It.

Also, Alliance Member Madfish Willie educates us about Hangovers.

And, Staunch Moderate has a very accurate list about the whinings of liberals and conservatives. (Which does a nice job of validating my own conservatism).

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Sunday, October 05, 2003

New Blog Showcase

(I have to put this here to get it counted).

Two new blogs of note this week.

1) I liked Eliminate the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, but I have a small complaint to the blogger. Tom - use spell check. You write well; you probably know you don't spell perfectly. Appease the readers; cut down on eyesores.

2) Also, I liked Trey's 111 things. I'm having trouble finding my 100 without going radically personal - I think there's a fine balance there, really.



Monday, September 29, 2003

Goodbye Blogger

There comes a time in our lives when all sorta-good things must surely end in favor of better things.

I'm LEAVING BLOGGER for Movable Type. Sayonara, Blogger.

Visit my new home at angelweave.mu.nu. It's very purple and warm. Change your bookmarks. Update your blogrolls. Get ready to comment.




Sunday, September 28, 2003

The Century I'm Not Gonna Finish

Is what I called the ride midstream today. Our century ride met up with the normal group I ride with, Bicycle Fun Club (Trailnet). The rides converged in a big soupy mess of confusion - riders not sure whose rest stops were whose, which arrows to follow (most were blindly following other cyclists...because usually you can).

So one guy asked me, "which ride are you on?" And that was my response, "The century I'm NOT gonna finish."

And so it was. Riding today was sheer hell, the second toughest ride I've ever endured. I put in just shy of a METRIC century, though, at 65.8 miles. That was the end of loop one, where everyone met back for lunch. And where our cars were. That was enough, I'm told, for about 2/3 of the people slated to do today's Flat as a Pancake Century ride.

For starters, my clothing was inadequate. I purchased a long-sleeved and some spandex for fall rides, but, thinking it would eventually be just too hot, I opted for lesser layering. I wore my normal jersey, the long-sleeved jersey, and a mere pair of biker shorts. I suffered. Poor Hans and Ryan were wearing less still. I've not gotten their ride stories from them yet. I'm sure those'll surface tomorrow.

The morning was just cold. My extremeties and rear complained for the first 25 miles because of it, and I never felt like my muscles got warm. At our rest stop, I went into the bakery located at the rest stop (I'll plug the name in here tomorrow when I have the business card of the place with me) and stood near the oven (with blessings of the staff, of course). That was warm.

Oh, and the wind. What can I say about the wind that isn't obscene? The wind in central Illinois today was BRUTAL. And cold. Enough said. At points it was 15 mph or more, and I know at least 15-20 miles of the ride was directly into the wind.

So this is why I did not finish my century. My knees are creaky, and I had my left quad chirping at me for the last 12 miles. My average speed was laughable, and I was really, really cold.

I think I prefer the 95 degree weather to ride. At least I get a funky tan. I believe most of the rest of my cycling for 2003 will be indoors. Brr.

Thank you to my friend Tim for hanging with me. This ride appeared to be pretty much unsupported, and without someone to complain to (mostly "BRRRR" or inane laughter on my part), I'm not sure I could've finished the 65.8 I did. And it wasn't about conditioning. I barely broke a sweat ;)



Saturday, September 27, 2003

Front Line Voices

The project is taking shape. The URL is in place with a blog atop it, skinning to commence soon. The group of us who have volunteered have been sharing ideas about how this should and will take place. The whole thing is fascinating; the effect should be as well.

If you have as few as two free hours per week and have an interest in the project, please visit the discussion blog and find a fitting way to donate some of your time.


Music to Whack Terrorists By

Fulfilling my Alliance duties, I present to you a song for the mix CD, Music to Whack Terrorists By:

Invincible, by Pat Benatar. Probably one of my favorite songs ever, and quite fitting.


This Week's New Blog Showcase

Voting time again. Here are my picks:

1) Citizen Lehew's Who Ate My Democracy? is worth a vote. While I may not agree with all that much that the good Citizen has to say, he says it very well and makes a good argument. And that's worth a vote. Nice site design, by the way.

2) My other vote goes to King of Fools for the post on the Caucasian Club.

Good luck with your blogs!